Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mid century bedroom set

Made by Drexel (marked). Light wood color. In excellent shape. Comes with headboard, 2 night stands, one large dresser with mirror and highboy.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mid century end table/storage table

 Green stain. There are some blemishes on the top surface. HWD = 19" x 43" x 28".

Mid century coffee table

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mid century end table/storage table

Good condition. HWD = 21.5" x 29" x 28". Brass knobs.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mid century rolling burnt orange chairs

Dining room set

A highly prized and beautifully kept Danish dining set and hutch. 6 chairs, a table with two leaves, and a hutch with three drawers and cabinet. The chairs have been covered with original cross stitch cover, however, they can be removed to reveal the original well kept seat covers.

Vintage lighted globe

Herman Miller Eames designed table

SOLD. Laminate wood grain top. Would make a good dining table. 4 feet in diameter.

Steelcase desk ensemble

Mid century Steelcase desk ensemble in good condition. The small yellow desk is open on the other side.

Fiberglass chairs on rollers

Similar in style to Eames designed Herman Miller chairs.

Fiberglass bullet planters

SOLD. Yellow in color. Fiberglass is in great shape. Legs are powder coated black.

Mid century Danish teak couch set

SOLD. Needs a gentle cleaning. Overall the set is in great condition.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Steam cleaning without a steam cleaner

Here's a tip I discovered while restoring these burnt orange chairs. I was going to rent a steam cleaner to clean them up, but did some google searching and found that some recommended using a wet-dry vac (ie. Shop-Vac) to do the same job. So I mixed some hot warm water with a little bit of laundry soap (I used the mild hypo-allergenic type) in a large spray bottle, sprayed it on, and vacuumed it up right away. It seems like that's all that a steam cleaner does anyway. After that and a bit of vinyl cleaner, I thought they turned out really nice. I've since refined the technique a bit, and I now use two spray bottles: one with dilute laundry soap and another with plain warm water. After cleaning with the soapy water, I'll do another cleaning with just the warm water to get more of the soap out. I use an auto upholstery attachment (like one you would find at a coin operated car wash) on the wet-dry vac. Here's a before and after picture.

If you already have a wet-dry vac (the more powerful, the better), this might save you a steam cleaner rental fee. Plus, I like that it doesn't require that you use harsh chemical cleaners. I would also recommend that you try to get out as much dirt as possible by dry vacuuming first. It seems like the more dirt you can get out before wetting it, the better.