Monday, August 30, 2010

McCaine Painting

Well-known and collected Mid-Century artist McCaine painting.

Be blessed



  1. i just came upon a mccaine painting....can you contact me.3232829835...its a little girl riding a tricycle....are you familiar with this painting??i insterted in selling.

    1. Interested in McCaine painting of little girl on tricycle - can you post a picture of it & are you selling it?

  2. How much do McCaine's paintings sell for? I am interested in selling my 35" x 35" painting of zebras. Any help would be really appreciated. Thank you!

  3. I saw 2 of his paintings for sale on EBay. One for $139.99 and another for $250.00. I have a large one I was going to sell at a flea market, but think maybe I should check into it further, first.

  4. We have two large McCaine paintings. One is a boy on a skateboard and the other is a girl walking and dragging a stick along a fence. They are in large white original frames and very contemporary. Bright pastel colors. Great for a kids room.

  5. hello i have a big painting of mccaine the painting is a black sewing machine anyone have any info or interested in buying this painting please email me