Friday, October 15, 2010

Klara Sever Sculpture "Portrait of a Woman"



Klara Sever was born and educated in Czechoslovakia. She studied at the School of Art and Design and at the Comenius University in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia. She worked as a sculptor and restorer on some of Czechoslovakia's most beautiful baroque castles, and also designed new architectural sculpture for the interior of the National Theater.

Since immigrating to the United States, Mrs. Sever has dedicated all her time to sculpting. She has exhibited in Washington at the Marlboro Gallery, the Art Barn, the Gallery House and the George Meany Center. She has received awards at the National Small Sculpture Competition.

She has done work for NBC, the NFL, Bob Hope, NASA and the Rouse Corporation.

This particular piece stands 21.5" tall and is 12" wide weighing 20 lbs. These measurements include the wooden base. It is made using Durastone with a blue bronze finish. This sculpture is stamped by Austin Productions and it contains a letter of authenticity.

Sever 3

Sever Sculpture

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